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AIR 360

We offer the ultimate 360 video experience with our new Air 360 Spin Cam Booth. Guests simply stand on a circle rug and a camera mounted to a rotating arm above captures your guests in 360 degree slow motion. Up to 10 guests are invited to dance, strike a pose or do their unique moves. Once their session is done, a high quality video will be ready to share or download. your guests will truly be entertained!



Rent one of our newest booths added to our fleet. We can fit up to 10 people inside which in turns means more videos taken and more people to dance with. Lets party!


Below are just some of the features/Add-ons this booth has to offer. Be amazed!

Sharing Station

Once your guests are done with the Air 360 session they will be able to head over to our sharing station where they would be able Text, email & QR scan themselves their videos.

Video Recording

Your guests would step in the center of our Air 360 for a few second video shoot and in turn they will receive the final product with all the effects added for instant social media sharing.

Video Song

As part of your Air 360 booking we will provide a royalty-free song for your video or if you have a royalty free song you may also use that as well. Contact us for more information.

Live Video TV Display

To enhance the user experience we include our awesome Live TV which will keep your guests engaged in the experience.

Custom Photo Designs

We will be able to create a photo design specific to your event or you can choose one of our already created photo designs from our huge selection.

Themed Props

We will supply themed props for your event so your guests can have even more fun.

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